buy backlinks or depend on Natural Link building

Should you buy backlinks or depend on Natural Link building?

Away from a land of right and wrong, there is a land called the internet. Upon this land, there is a crowd that has only one aim – to climb not the Himalayas but SERP. And for this, they try every method known and unknown. But just like us, they too sometimes fall into confusion. One such confusion is if to buy backlinks or depend solely on natural link building.

We spoke to PLB about it and discussed it around some coffee Learn More about PerfectLinkBuilding, UK. It said that the issue is genuine, but clarity is what people need. Thus, we are writing this article to clear the air for you.

If you really want to learn about link building, contact your favorite politician. No, please! Read below.

Link Building and its purpose

Link Building and its purpose

Before we really delve into the issue, it is better to get the basics clear first. It helps in reaching the conclusion with a sense of clarity.

First of all, why do we have this link-building thing after all? Is it not terrible and tough at the same time? Could not Google find any other way of making things work?

Well, link building is not something that Google has invented. It is in us and we have been evolving around it for millions of years. Remember the mother chimp from 5 million years ago? Our late terribly late ancestor?

She had two babies in her hands and was looking to survive in the best way possible (just like what we are doing some 5 million years later). So, it looked for a social group in the other chimps around. The idea was simply to have a big group and stay in the top layer of that hierarchy. It served two purposes –

  • better survival
  • better mates

And still, 5 million years later, we are working for basically these two things. Well, we, humans, are social animals and depend largely on creating a network. But why be social?

Science says that being social serves many benefits. One of those big benefits is a collective consciousness and the other is better survival. Both are interrelated. We share things and these things together complete the puzzle for us. And then the being at the top of the hierarchy decides what to do with this puzzle.

Furthermore, it works around thinking about the survival of the group. This is why we have organizations such as scientists, doctors, teachers, politicians, etc. They stay at the top of the group and represent an authority.

They do not just reach there in democracy. These authorities show expertise and get to the top through link building. This same fundamental rules the internet and how websites get ranked on the SERP.

If a website is an expert and holds quality content, it likely will have more backlinks because it is providing value to people. And we love getting value. A website that is getting more backlinks indicates a chance of expertise and quality and thus rises to the top.

But not all backlinks are the same. The backlinks must have a high DA and PA score and must be from the same niche to help your main website. Learn More about PerfectLinkBuilding UK helps businesses have high-quality DA and PA backlinks.

Is like if you are a chef and are looking to rise to the top, getting a recommendation from Mario Batali helps a lot.

But, now it comes down to this one should buy backlinks or rely on natural link building?

Should you buy backlinks or rely on natural backlinks

Should you buy backlinks or rely on natural backlinks

Here is simple advice – it depends on the level of competition your business has. The higher the competition the more should be your efforts. If the competition is fairly low, you may or may not depend on natural link building.

A scenario where you might need to invest in backlinks

A scenario where you might need to invest in backlinks

Suppose you are in the business of selling perfumes. Now, the perfume industry has high competition. We all know this because we love to smell good.

But here is some data that is beneficial for businesses to consider 90% of the total internet users never click on the second search page; 72% of total organic traffic gets grabbed by the first few results.

This means that the businesses must strive to rank in those first few spots. But who all do rank on the top of SERP? Here are a few of the features of websites that rank on the top of SERP –

  • They have good internal linking.
  • The backlinks have high DA and PA scores.
  • Terrific web design that is smooth and passes on all the metrics of Core Web Vitals.
  • Exceptional and engaging content that delivers what it claims in the title.
  • And flawless SEO.
  • Backlinks from the same business niche. For example, a baseball website gets backlinks from MLB.

Now, Google, although, can easily identify between spam backlinks and high-quality backlinks, really cannot tell if the backlinks have been bought. This is why big companies invest big to Buy Backlinks. The purpose?

To rank higher on SERP and grab the customer base. Now, whom will Google rank at the top? A company that sells perfume and has more high-quality backlinks or you?

It depends on the number of high-quality backlinks. They could either form naturally or can be invested and bought. Natural links take their time to form and do not guarantee success always.

You’d not want to wait for a year for natural links to rank. Consequently, by the time you’ll have natural links your competitor might have earned millions and invested more into getting more backlinks. It just works like this.

Conclusion – To buy or to depend on natural link building?

To buy or to depend on natural link building

As we have discussed above, if you fit in the scenario, you might want to really invest in your backlink campaign. You might want to buy backlinks and help your business get the boost it needs in the highly competitive world.

Now, natural backlinks are like incentives that you get for writing exceptional quality content. You really might not want to miss these blessings in disguise. Always write valuable content for your readers and you are ready to reach the top of SERP.

For example – use narrative imagery, humor, storytelling, relevant images, videos, etc. to make your content engaging. Learn More about PerfectLinkBuilding UK and how it has been helping businesses get a terrific growth in revenue. It has been in the industry for many years and knows how things work in depth.

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