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Your guide to finding the best of vintage wedding gowns for your big day

Vintage wedding dresses are always going to hold a special place in our hearts. The types of silhouettes and fabrics used in these types of suits are utterly timeless and no matter when you look back at your wedding day photos, you will have a beautiful gown that is forever bound to be ethereal and timeless no matter which decade it is. With their classic designs and enduring charm, vintage wedding dress fashion is making a comeback for sure with people opting for more and more period fashion looks that may suit different types of wedding themes and be the talk of the town.

If you have already explored the scores of dresses with your usual bandeaus and contemporary cuts and structural complexities and if the fishtail styles and separates arent your cup of tea, vintage may be just the right avenue to go. If you are unsure of the over-use of ruffles and ruching, dont be. You are probably not going to end up looking like you borrowed the dress from your grandmas closet (unless you had a very fashion forward grandma). The vintage style of today takes the elements that make traditional gowns and add a modern flair to create ethereal designs that are sure to impress.

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Choosing the decade

One of the best places to start looking for your gown is to select the era that fascinates you. Wedding fashion has changed dramatically over the decades and choosing your dress can be a whole lot easier if you do your homework about the trends and styles popular in different eras to help you narrow down on the styles and features that you are looking for and can help customize down your search results to match the gowns that fit your specific requirements. No matter what style of vintage clothing you are looking at, it is indispensable to ensure that you are familiar with the eras. If you are looking to buy backdrops for weddings, then checkout Backdropsource

Popular choices

The 1950s

One of the most popular decades when it comes to wedding dresses are most certainly the 1950s. The decade was most known for the tea-length fuller skirt looks which are a style that is very popular and reflected in the princess gowns of today’s. The other style popular from the decade is the more simplistic floor-length silhouettes that are incredibly modern in approach if you choose something with minimal detailing.

The 1930s and 1940s

If you are fond of silhouettes that are more sleek and fitted, this is the genre to target. The beautiful, elegant silk dresses pertaining to the 30s and 40s are very glamorous and can provide a degree of understated elegance to your look which can look gorgeous as you are walking down the aisle.


If you want a little more flair to your dress, think the 20s. The signature 1920 cuts and beaded dresses have come around as being some of the latest go-to’s for the bride who wants to stand out and have all the eyes on her.


If you are not convinced with the above options and are looking for something a bit more flattering, you can never go wrong with lace on your wedding day. Lace can look both dated and fresh, so look for styles that flatter your body and complexion.

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If you are not quite sure about a vintage wedding dress, one of the best ways to still add some vintage flair is to go for some vintage themed accessories. Small touches like a brooch in a glamorous, side-swept hair-do, velvet belts with bows, pearl sautoirs or even the timeless white opera-length gloves can add that touch of timelessness to your look. Visit DealVoucherz today to discover new fashion discount codes on vintage, classic and timeless wedding fashion today.


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